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Saif, Dan 1 Black Belt.

Hello Readers. 

I am Saif, a 24-year-old professional taekwondo athlete who has won various awards in my 4 years of taekwondo journey. When I was 10 years old, I had a keen interest and curiosity about how these athletes hit so hard with their legs, how much they train throughout the day, what difficulties and challenges they face, and many more related questions. Here you can see the belt ceremony and on this day I upgraded from Red 1 to Dan 1 Black Belt.

My Credentials and Black Belt Certificates. 

In 2024, I took my Black Belt exam and became a professional Dan 1 Black Belt Taekwondo Athlete. As you can see given below. Also, note that some information in this is sensitive, that’s why I blurred details on the certificate but left my name on it. 

In which year did I start my journey?

In 2016, I was slightly interested in this sport, but when I saw “Ahmad Abughaush” win the first Olympic medal for Jordan, I fell in love with this sport. Finally, I decided to pursue this sport professionally, and in 2019, I invested 100% in it. 

Want to share your Journey? Connect with me.

If you’ve achieved anything in fitness, be it losing a pound or building a great physique. Feel free to share with us and we will share the whole story with the world. Don’t worry, we won’t reveal your identity.

You can DM me on Instagram or E-mail.

What do I do for a living?

As a taekwondo athlete, I understand the importance of diet and workouts. In 2022, I started one-on-one coaching for those who want to lose weight, regain their strength after surgery, do meditation and yoga sessions, and so on. 

For me, happiness is when I see gradual changes in my client’s overall health. 

Will I try for the Olympics?

Obviously, for this, I train 5–6 days a week, and one day I will do something for my country in taekwondo. 

Here is when I’ve got my Dan 1 Black Belt. 

In April, I got my first Dan 1 black belt. I couldn’t express my feelings when my coach handed over the certificate. 

Who’s my inspiration?

Here is a list of inspirations for fitness and athletes. 

  • Ahmad Abughaush (for Taekwondo, my favorite)
  • Dae Hoon Lee (for Taekwondo)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (for fitness)
  • Mike Tyson (for spirit and overall fitness)

What’s my passion?

My passion is to express myself based on my experience. That’s why I created this blog to help readers find the best diet and workout as per my experience. 

Are there any injuries I’ve got on this journey?

I think the injury is a part and parcel of the journey. While sparring, I broke my ACL completely. For 2 months I was on bed rest but later on, I took rehab and recovered successfully. 

What I am expecting from readers?

On this website, you won’t find just a piece of text. It is a combination of all my experience and work. That’s why I am expecting readers to explore my experience for better health goals. 

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Hello, fitness freaks! I am Saif, a professional Taekwondo athlete and black belt holder (Dan 1). I started my athletic career in 2018 and had 5 years of experience as a martial artist. My expertise is to provide advice on nutrition, rest, recovery, a balanced diet, injury prevention, and other aspects of mind-body connection.

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