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Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting (Defend like Pro)

Ever been caught in a street fight and thought, What are the “Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting“? Here’s the list: BoxingTaekwondoJudoJeet kun do, and Krav Maga.

What is a Street Fight?

what is street fight

A street fight is a physical confrontation between two or more people or groups in a public place. It happens for any reason, like communal violence, territorial conflict, cultural tension, etc.

Why you should Not Engage in Street Fighting

1. Legal Issues: Still, most people regret legal charges because they engaged in street fighting. Legal charges also disrupt the reputation among colleagues and neighbors. 

2. Personal safety: As there are no rules and regulations in street fighting, it doesn’t matter how strong you are or how much strength you have. Engaging in street fighting is not a good option. It may cause physical damage and psychological disturbance for weeks. 

3. Harms Reputation: One legal charge is enough to leave a permanent mark on your reputation. Employment relationships and other opportunities get closed when a person has criminal charges.

For applying for jobs abroad or a passport, the process of legal verification takes place. 

How to Defend Yourself in a Street Fight?

1. Stay alert:- When a person is aware of the threats, there are possibilities that he or she can handle any confrontation with peace and harmony.

2. Avoid Confrontation: Maybe another person wants to harm you. But you have to be safe and secure from your side to avoid any legal charges against you. As a smart person, you have to handle situations with peace.

3. Maintain a calm tone: when someone uses an aggressive tone against you, there are chances that you’ll defend yourself in the same way. This makes the situation critical and results in a street fight. You might have seen street fight videos where people first criticize each other verbally which results in a fight. 

4. Protect yourself instead of harming others. When you successfully protect yourself, the self-confidence of the attacker is reduced. Instead of being aggressive, defend yourself. In this case, other people would become witnesses of yours that you’re a defender and not an attacker. 

5 Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting

We have included martial arts based on the availability of coaches, affordable fees, and easy-to-follow discipline.

Boxing: Boxing is one of the best martial arts to defend yourself in a street fight. The footwork movements taught in the academy help you defend yourself in a street fight.  

Taekwondo: Taekwondo is also one of the best ways to defend yourself when someone attacks you. Kicks like side kicks and cut kicks help to keep when the opponent attacks you. As I am a also taekwondo practitioner, our coach taught 3 basic blocks to defend ourselves. Those are Stomach block, face block, and downward block. Most schools have compulsory Taekwondo training to teach students how to defend themselves.

taekwondo is one of the best martial arts for street fighting.

Judo: When you properly observe the moves of Judo, you will find that the intention is not to harm others but to make yourself secure when someone attacks you. That’s why judo is one of the safest ways to defend yourself be it on the street or anywhere. 

Judo is one of the best martial arts for street fighting.

Jeet Kune Do: The founder of Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee. A form of martial arts that overpowers the limitations of other martial arts. It makes Martial artists flexible to not follow one single form in combat. The essence of Jeet Kune Do is flow.

That’s why you will find Bruce Lee always emphasizing the quote “Be like Water“. For this, emphasis is placed on continuity and consistency.

jeet kune do is best martial arts to defend in streets

Krav Maga: Krav Maga is designed by the Israeli military to defend itself from dangerous situations. Krav Maga is not a sport and does not have any rules and regulations. It is one of the best ways to defend yourself because crowd maze techniques are so effective.

Karv maga for self defence

Is taekwondo useful for self-defense?

Yes, Taekwondo can be used as self-defense, but using Taekwondo in a straight fight is not at all suitable. Discipline is the essence of Taekwondo, and when someone breaks it, the meaning changes completely.

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Taekwondo versus Karate: which is best?

Taekwondo and karate look similar, but this is not true. In Taekwondo, there is continuous combat using kicks and punches only on the chest is allowed, but in Karate, after one attack, you have to stop. Both martial arts have their unique way of combating. 

Judo vs. Boxing: Which is Best?

Judo is a kind of martial art that is more defensive than attacking, and boxing is a martial art that is more attacking than defending.

If you want to learn to defend yourself, then Judo is the best choice.

Can I make a career in Martial Arts?

Yes, You can make a career in martial arts as an athlete, coach, judge, and event manager.

How long it takes to become a master in martial arts?

I am a Taekwondo practitioner, and it takes 3.5 years to earn a red belt and in a few months I would become a black belt. So you can say that in Taekwondo, it would take 4 years to become a professional Martial artist but it also depends on your academy how long they keep the gap between both belts exam. In boxing and other martial arts, mastery depends on your improvement level.

Which Martial Arts should I choose among all 5 of them?

It’s not all about Street fighting; you can practice Judo Taekwondo or any form of martial arts for your career and fitness as well. There are various tournaments and Asian-level championships where you can test yourself instead of spending your time to find on the streets.

Is it OK to learn Martial Arts just for Street Fighting?

It is not recommended to learn martial arts just for street fighting. There are other uses for martial arts, like maintaining fitness levels, developing spiritual strength, building careers, etc.


What is the number one martial art in the world?

MMA is considered the number one martial art in the world

Do Streetfighters know martial arts?

Not all but those who follow the discipline of martial arts would never use it in the street or for any wrong purpose. 

Can Karate win in a street fight?

There are fewer chances because only karate can help a lot. 

Who is the number one Martial artist in the world?

Bruce Lee is the number one martial artist in the world. 

Conclusion on Best Martial Arts for Street Fighting

We would highly recommend not learning martial arts just for street fighting. The essence of every martial art is to bring spiritual and physical strength and spread peace in society. That’s why you would find after the tournament both players shake hands or hug each other. This is because they’re showing respect not hate. 

Make sure you have to defend yourself instead of attacking in a street fight. Engaging in a street fight may lead to criminal charges and other consequences.

List of best martial arts for street fighting are boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do, and Krav Maga. Be listed based on academy availability, coaches, and other career Opportunities.

Have you ever shown smartness in a street fight while maintaining with your opponent? Let’s share your journey with us in the comment section below. 

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