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How to get rid of skinny fat in a few months?

How to get rid of skinny fat

Some people compliment you being on thin, but may feel you’re having excess body fat. Here are some tips on How to get rid of skinny fat, improve digestion, sleep well, take a protein-based diet, and quit fast food habits.

What is Skinny Fat?

In layman’s terms, when a person appears thin but has a high percentage of body fat. It is known as skinny fat. In other words, If you’re underweight but look fat then probably you’re skinny fat

How to check if I am Skinny Fat or Not?

If you’re a man: 

Step under the scale and if your body fat is more than 10-20% of body weight, with normal weight then you’re a skinny fat man.

If you’re a woman:

Step under the scale and if your body fat is more than 18-28% of body weight, with normal weight then you’re a skinny fat woman.

Calculate Body fat 👉 Body Fat Calculator

How to hide your skinny fat? 

Instead of hiding skinny fat, it is recommended that you can fix skinny fat. But for a shorter period, you can follow the below tips.

Wear a loose T-Shirt:- Loose T-shirt help to hide the extra fat from your body. Have you observed that when you wear a loose T-shirt, people compliment that you’re looking thin? 

Wear dark T-shirts:- Bend your shoulder while walking: Most awkward thing in skinny fat is chest fat. To hide your chest fat, you can bend your shoulder a little bit forward while walking.

What are some skinny fat workouts that people can do to address their specific body types?

4 Most recommend skinny fat workouts are:

How to hide skinny fat

a. HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training): When a workout perform under a short period (30 sec-60 sec) is called HIIT. Sprint, Jumping Jacks, and skipping comes under HIIT.

b. Core strength training: Core strength training focus to develop strength in the abdominal, hip, and lower back. Most of the time, skinny fat people gain fat on the abdominal and hips only. 

 c. Cardio: Cardio workout helps to improve overall cardiovascular health. Swimming, Intense cycling, and running come under Cardiovascular workout.

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What causes excess fat with normal body weight?

1. Decreasing Metabolism: Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy by humans. There are many factors in decreasing metabolic rate but age matters a lot in decreasing metabolic rate and a lower Metabolic rate cause skinny fat.

2. Genetic Factors: Some individuals carry the liability of excess body fat from their parents which leads to skinny fat.

3. Hormonal Imbalance: hormonal changes like increasing estrogen levels can cause an increase in fat in some specific areas of the body, which leads to a skinny fat condition.

Recommended Diet for Skinny fat people.

Diet for Skinny fat

1: Protein Supplement: Taking protein powder is not a fixed solution, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle like Exercise and stress-free life. Some protein powders you may use are whey Protein or Casein protein powder. These supplement repairs muscles and develop strength.

2: Creatine Supplement: Most athletes use Creatine supplements for better performance and muscle growth. You can use Creatine supplement, but again you have to maintain regular workouts and healthy eating habits.

3: Omega-3 Supplement: Omega 3 is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and high inflammation in the body slows down digestion. So overall Omega-3 improves digestion which through which food gets converted more into energy instead of fat.

Do I join a gym for skinny fat?

Yes, you can join a gym for skinny fat but only gymming can’t fix skinny fat. You have to maintain a proper diet, sleep well, and cut down on fast food from day-to-day life. 

The transformation from Being skinny fat to Muscular

What are some suitable outfits for skinny fat people? 

For Men:- 

  • Chinos
  • Fit shirts
  • Blazers
  • Polo Tshirts
  • Bomber Jackets

For Women:-

  • Culottes
  • High Waisted Jeans
  • V Nech Top
  • A-line dresses
  • Flare Jeans

Some Do’s and Don’t


Workout: Workouts like core strength training, lower back training, and High-Intensity Interval Training lead to a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass. 

Diet & Supplement: A diet that focuses on high protein intake with less sugar and simple carbs is beneficial for a skinny fat person. It’s important to include fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables also beneficial for skinny fat people. 

Proper Sleep: Improper sleep cause slow down Metabolism and low metabolism leads to poor digestion. If the body fails to convert food into energy, automatically it gets Stored in terms of fat. 

benefits of sleep


Do not skip meals: Skipping meals results in lower Metabolism. Low metabolism leads to poor digestion and hence fat got stored in a few parts of the body like the stomach.

Do not consume Alcohol: When alcohol is consumed, the liver prioritizes processing the alcohol over food, which can lead to undigested food and slowed fat metabolism.


Which part looks awkward in skinny fat?

Mainly fat accumulate in the hip, abdominal and chest in a skinny fat 

How do you overcome skinny fat?

Take a high protein-based diet and avoid high-calorie intake foods. Protein Powder, fruits, and vegetables are recommended.

How long to build muscle and lose fat?

Building Muscles can take up to 6-8 weeks with consistent weight training. Muscle building also depends upon various factors like genetics, diet, and sleep, that’s why the duration of muscle building changes. 

Do I take supplements for skinny fat?

There is no direct supplement that fixes the skinny fat issue but you can use that supplement which promotes muscle growth and reduce body fat. Here are some supplements for skinny fat.

Is skinny fat a disease?

Skinny fat is not a disease, but skinny fat can cause many diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. 


There are many reasons for being skinny fat, so it is important to first identify the reason and work strategically. Only Diet can’t fix the skinny fat, you have to work out and sleep well to develop muscle and maintain hormones balanced. You can also wear an outfit that helps to hide your skinny fat. 



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