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colon broom vs bloom

Colon Broom vs Bloom. Which is good for Digestion?

Are you feeling constipated but still confused between Colon Broom vs Bloom? Don’t worry, after reading this blog post, we are 99.98% sure that you will find your answer because we have considered 10 factors, and at best, you can choose one between both. 

So let’s explore. 

What is a Colon Broom? 

Colon Broom is a dietary supplement containing psyllium husk as a key ingredient and solves stomach issues like constipation. Want to explore more on Colon Broom? Here are complete insights on Colon Broom Reviews.

What are Bloom supplements?

all about bloom supplement

Bloom is a supplement that contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. Like Colon Broom, Bloom supplements are made to deal with issues like poor gut health and relief from bloating. It also promotes energy and is specially made for women.

Comparing Colon Broom vs Bloom. 


On their official website, Bloom costs $36.99, whereas Colon Broom costs $69.99. Here you can see that the price of Colon Broom is double as compared to Bloom, but both products have different ingredients and quantities. 


Bloom prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes contain various ingredients, like a blend of beetroot powder, blueberry organic carrot powder, apple fruit powder, flaxseed, and so on. 

In the case of a colon broom, it has a psyllium husk key ingredient, which works as a solution for constipation issues.

Target customers 

Anybody can take Colon Broom, but Bloom is made specifically for women. That’s why the target audience of Bloom is limited as compared to Colon Broom.

Intent of use

Solving constipation and bloating is the intent of both brands; that’s why they can be used alternatively as per the consultation of healthcare professionals.

Flavours available 

Colon Broom is available in strawberry flavor and tropical fruits (passion fruit, pineapple, and mango), while Bloom Supplement comes in flavors like mango, coconut, citrus, berry, strawberry kiwi, and original.

Quantity in one pack

Bloom comes with 169.2 grams (5.97oz) and has 30 servings, and 1 scoop contains 5.64 grams.

Colon Broom comes with 684.92 grams and 5.59 grams per scope. Servings per container are 60. 

Number of visitors on their website.

Bloom’s official website is, which had 248k visitors in March, whereas Colon Broom’s official website is, which had 129k visitors in March. 

The popularity of the product.

Both products are popular and have a great positive review on their website as well as an e-commerce platform.

Availability of an e-commerce platform 

Sr NoE-commerce PlatformColon Broom Bloom 
1Amazon Yes Yes 

Which is best Colon Broom vs Bloom? 

Colon Broom vs Bloom

Both health supplements are good for stomach-related issues like constipation. Bloom includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics.

If you are a woman, then Bloom is suitable because it is specifically made for women. If you want psyllium husk as a key ingredient and suit your body type, then Colon Broom is the best.

Still, we would highly recommend that you seek consultation from a healthcare professional and discuss your potential health goals.


What is comparable to a colony broom?

Metamucil and colon Brooms have the same ingredients; that’s why both are comparable.

Does Bloom come in various flavors?

Yes, Bloom supplements come in various flavors like mango, coconut, berry, etc. 

Does Bloom offer protein supplements?

Yes, they offer whey isolate protein under Bloom Nutrition.

Conclusion on Colon Broom vs Bloom.

Both dietary supplements are good and contain friendly ingredients. If you are a woman, then Bloom is best because it is specially made for women, whereas if your body is suitable for psyllium husk, then Colon Broom is best.

If you want to try multiple tastes, then Bloom is best, while Colon Broom comes in 2-3 flavors.

If you are confused, then we would highly recommend that you seek consultation from your health care professional. 

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below, and let others know which one is suitable for you. 

Thanks for reading.

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