Dyper Bamboo Diapers Reviews, Baby friendly or not?

There are plenty of diaper brands on the market, but there is one brand called “Dyper”. This blog is dedicated to “Dyper Bamboo Diapers Reviews,” and we are going to check how this diaper is different, why parents want their kids to go with this diaper, what is so special about this diaper, and all other questions related to it.

How Dyper Bamboo Diapers Started: The Story

Story behind DYPER bamboo dyper

This brand was started by Sergio Radovcic, a man whose intention is to solve three major problems. First is “Running out of diapers,” and second is “protecting the environment from harmful diapers that won’t get disposed of at all.”

and third, is “protecting toddlers’ skin from harsh diapers”. Sergio is certified by B Corp., and they always try to provide transparency and integrity to their customers.

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Material used to manufacture

How DYPER bamboo

This diaper brand is made up of viscose, which is derived from bamboo, which is soft and hypoallergenic. Viscose is made from the pulp of bamboo, which makes “dyper bamboo diapers” soft and hypoallergenic.

Here are some benefits your child might get from using a cellulose diaper.

Softness: Viscose is famous for its smooth and silky feel; that’s why this brand uses viscose to prepare its product. It also provides a soft surface to Boby’s skin so that they won’t feel discomfort after wearing it.

Hypoallergenic: There are chances that babies’ skin will be sensitive, and if you use normal diapers, it may cause skin problems like rashes and irritation. Viscose, which comes from bamboo, has natural properties called 

“hypoallergenic,” which has fewer chances of allergenic reactions.

Moisture Wicking: Viscose, which comes from bamboo, has amazing moisture-wicking properties and perfectly absorbs moisture from the skin. It also helps to keep diapers dry internally in some cases.

Breathability: Another good thing about viscose is that it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature within the diaper and also allows air circulation.

Eco-friendly: Products prepared from bamboo are eco-friendly as compared to other products. In terms of diapers, “Dyper Bamboo” claims that their diapers decompose faster as compared to other diaper brands.

For whom are Dyper Bamboo Diapers made?

There are two main products available under this brand, and that is 

  • Diaper
  • Training Pants


Under the Diaper section, there are a total of 7 sizes available. 

Size NameWeight
Newborn 4.5 kg and below
Size 14-6 kg
Size 25-8 kg
Size 37-13 kg
Size 4 10–17 kg
Size 512 kg
Size 616 KG

Training Pants:-

Size NameWeight
Size 2T-3T 15Kg
Size 3T-4T15-18Kg
Size 4T-5T17 kg
Size 5T-6T19 kg

Other products of Dyper

Gifts and Accessories: Under this category, it contains a polarized set of sunglasses, eco-friendly toys, diaper cakes, laundry pods by drops and touchless soap dispensers for babies.

Massive Blowout: Under this, you will find the Dyper X monthly box, the Bath Essentials Tio Pack (which contains body lotions, bubble baths, and shampoo), baby wipes, and a giant diaper giga box.

Organization and Disposal: This category contains diaper bags and changing pads, a diaper caddy, a diaper clutch with a changing pad, a compostable trash bag, compostable travel diaper bags, and finally a reader return bundle.

Wipes, Bath & Body Products: This brand is more focused on babies, that’s why it contains various products like baby wipes (with various varieties like newborn, big baby wipes, travel wipes, and charcoal-enhanced baby wipes). 

starter kit, baby wash tablet, vegan cream, baby bubble bath, and baby body lotion 

Why Dyper Bamboo Diapers are unique compared to other brands

As we did research, we found that “Dyper” is not just another ordinary diaper-selling brand. The products they make are super comfortable for babies, and they’re not limited to one particular product. Under this brand

You will find a variety of products like body lotion, hand wash, toys, and so on. This makes this brand unique and baby-friendly, apart from other diaper brands.

Here are some points that make this brand unique compared to other diaper brands: 

Charcoal system: Have you ever heard about charcoal-based diapers? No Right! This brand has charcoal properties to fight odor. Also note that this diaper is made without chlorine, alcohol, parabens, or other harmful chemical-based ingredients.

REDYPER Program: Now, I am sure that you haven’t heard about a diaper-selling company that also provides disposable services. This brand has tied up with TerraCycle to make this initiative a success. This service is available in 21 cities in the United States of America, and they’re also trying to grow their service. 

gradually. You just have to store all dirty diapers in approved compostable bags and leave this bag a little bit away from your door based on the time given to you. After that, the driver would collect these bags and take them away.

Sticky substance to stick better: I have used many diapers for my baby, but I haven’t seen such sticky substances that help the diaper hold better even if it is loaded with a bowel.

How long do Dyper Bamboo Diapers hold smell?

There is no such standard or specific number of days on how many days a diaper can hold smell. Instead of considering smell as a factor, we first have to give preference to hygiene. It’s better to check diapers and decide whether it is okay for your kid or if a change is required.

Is it OK to use Dyper Bamboo Diapers instead of other diaper brands?

Yes, the reason why we are giving preference to brands is because we found they’re more ethical towards nature. I am sure that this brand will become one of the best diaper brands in the US.

Dyper Bamboo Diapers Reviews

Dyper Bamboo Diapers are one of the best diaper brands because they use Viscose as a raw material to prepare their diaper. This brand is not only limited to diapers; they also provide various other eco-friendly baby products like baby lotion, shampoo, toys, diaper bags, and other essentials.

Customers Testimonials 

Liza B (Name Changed) says:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I would recommend this 100%, and the reason is safety. No rashes or other skin-related issues have been found. My baby boy is happy with this, and I am satisfied with it.

Ava James (Name Changed) says:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

After trying a variety of diaper brands, we found that this brand holds genuineness with care. I think I won’t use any other brand for my baby but Dyper. 

Kavya Mohanthy (Name Changed) says:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It absorbs like magic. I tried other brands for my baby, but nothing worked. I used to change them frequently, but this diaper has amazing absorbent capacity.

Aleena Rodriguez (Name Changed) says:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Everything is perfect. Just buy it for your baby.

Where should you buy it? Their official website or other online marketplaces?

As per our recommendation, buying diapers from their official website is more beneficial because there is no involvement from a third party. However, their diapers are available on most of the e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Target, BabyList, and Walmart.


Are bamboo diapers worth it?

Yes, bamboo diapers are worth it because they’re better for the environment and good for babies’ skin.

Is Dyper eco-friendly?

The Dyper brand itself claims that its diapers are not 100% eco-friendly.

Is bamboo better than silicone?

Comparing both diapers, bamboo diapers are more environmentally friendly as compared to silicone baby diapers

Conclusion on Dyper Bamboo Diapers Reviews 

After analyzing the working model of DYPER, we are sure that this diaper is unique in its own right. If you compare this brand with others, you’ll find that DYPER is safer and more hygiene-oriented. 

We also checked the star ratings of this brand on various platforms and found that you should go for it. 

Overall, it is the best product.

Thanks for reading.

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