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From where I can buy Fresh Quality Vegetables in Mumbai ?

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do”. A vegetable is the most important part of our daily life because it is not just another food, it is an Oil for your Engine. We always buy Veggies without asking one question to our self that “From where I can buy Fresh Quality Vegetables in Mumbai ?”

In Mumbai, mostly we buy Vegetables from Local vendors (AKA Thela Vala) or Super Market. But hold on, Have you heard about Local Online Platforms? They not only provide Fresh Veggies but also extremely outstanding services where other marketplaces miss this.  

Leafydo App is a complete App dedicated to Fresh Fruits & Vegetables & Dry Fruits. A Start-Up started by one of the BMS College graduates in 2022. With a Google Play rating of almost 4.9, they are extremely doing well in this sector.

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From where these veggies comes ?

From where these veggies comes ?
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They had contact with several Nashik & Pune local farmers. These farmers check the quality of veggies before they deliver them to Leafydo.

Do they Deliver in 10 minutes?

Do they Deliver in 10 minutes?

Nowadays people are habitual of 10 Minutes delivery. It’s worth delivering FMCG products in under 10 minutes but highly perishable eatables like Milk, Vegetables, and Fruits are some items that are not possible to deliver Fresh Quality in 10 minutes. That’s why Leafydo delivers Vegetables on next day

Do they Charge More ?

Do they Charge More ?

As Vegetables directly come from Nashik & Pune Farm, there are no intermediaries involved in between. This makes the price of Veggies much lower than Other Online marketplaces and “Thela Vala”

Are there any other Online market Place than Leafydo?

10 Minute grocery app in Mumbai
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There are other online market places like Zepto, KisanKonnet, Fraazo, and Bigbasket.

How to check whether Vegetable is Fresh or Not?

How to check whether Vegetable is Fresh or Not?

People buy vegetables just seeing on upper quality, But Leafydo provides veggies directly from the farm, so there are very less changes in quality issues. If customer feels have doubts on Quality, they can return instantly without asking any question

Why don’t we get fresh looking Fruits & Vegetables in Mumbai?

Why don't we get fresh looking Fruits & Vegetables in Mumbai?

First of all, local Vendor thinks that if their veggies are fresh, they would get a better price. But when a customer asks about the price, the vendor overprices the veggies to earn more profit. Here customers refuse to buy this makes veggies unsold for a longer period. When Vendor feels that if these veggies are unsold, it gets spoiled, and maybe he would suffer loss. That’s why consumer finds Low-quality Veggies because they are unsold for longer period and you must ask to yourself that From where I can buy Fresh Quality Vegetables in Mumbai ?

Are there any Offline Store in Mumbai for Fresh Veggies ?

Are there any Offline Store in Mumbai for Fresh Veggies ?

There are plenty of Offline stores like


Where should i shift ? Offline or Online

It depends on convenience. If you want to socialize and want to buy other kinds of stuff then go for Offline stores. Where as nowadays, the Online market place working hard for the convenience of customers.

Can I online Platform to Buy Veggies on regular Basis?

Yes, If you buy Veggies from Leafydo on regular basis. Team understands very well on which rate and how qualitative veggies you want.


Vegetables are not just another commodity or FMCG product. It’s a life-giving pill for humans and it’s important for you to eat them Fresh. Offline platforms are much costlier than Online platforms when it comes to buying Veggies. Leafydo is an App on Google Playstore where they deliver Fresh Quality Veggies directly from Nashik & Pune. Prices are also lower because no intermediaries are involved in this Process. The reason behind Mumbaikars not getting Fresh quality Vegetables because of mismatch of buyers and selling price points.

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