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Is Diaper Genie worth it? Does it Stink?

As a caring mother, you might have searched for various diaper pails and found some brands like Ubbi, Dekor, and Diaper Genie. After all, you’ve decided to go for Diaper Genie, but have you ever thought, Is Diaper Genie worth it?

In short, Diaper Genie is not worthy, and if you’re wondering why, Then read this blog.

People complain about Diaper Genie.

complains by mother after using diaper genie

It is stinky.

 The diaper Genie is made up of plastic material, and over time it absorbs the stinky odor. Even when diapers are not in Diaper Genie, they still smell.

There is an antibacterial pouch present on top of the diaper, but still, it stinks.

Big Diaper stuck in the middle:

This problem happens when there is a locking system in the middle of the diaper pail.

Diapers get stuck in the middle when you put a large diaper in them. To solve this issue, you have to shake the diaper.

You won’t face this issue when your toddler is one or two years old, but as the size of the diaper increases, you will realize that the diaper gets stuck.

The front lock isn’t working

not always, but sometimes my teller used to open the diaper Genie easily. There is no special child lock or system that makes it harder for toddlers to open it.

And when it gets open, you know how stinky it is.

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The blade won’t work properly: 

when you open the lower part of the diaper Genie, you will find a blade that helps to cut the carry bag so that, as a consumer, you won’t face any issues, but most of the time, I struggle or struggle a lot to cut the carry bag from that blade. Sometimes I cut too much, and sometimes I have to end up cutting a small part of the carry bag.

Special trash bags are required; 

this is one of the biggest negative points of Diaper Genie. To use Diaper Genie, you should buy special diaper trash bags. It means you can’t use normal garbage trash bags with diapers Genie.

Whereas other diaper pail brands can be used with normal trash bags.

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Here is One Diaper pail with regular trash bags.

Is Diaper Genie worth it?

When you check the price of the Diaper Genie, you’ll find it is less expensive as compared to other diaper pails, but when you check the price of refill bags, in the long run, it would cost much more.

Diaper Genie is like an inkjet printer; the cost of the printer is lower, but the price of ink is much higher. 

Whereas other diaper pails like Ubbi are costlier, you can use any trash bag with them. 

Things to check before buying diaper pails: 

Odor control:

 You can check whether diaper pails are odorless or not by experience, but you can also read the reviews of other mothers.

The best way to check whether a diaper pail is odorless or not is to read reviews given by mothers on online platforms.

If you’re visiting a shopping center, you can also ask the salesman “I have heard that this diaper is stinky; is it true or not”. 

Size and capacity: 

Busy mothers always want their diaper pail to contain more and more, so before buying any diaper pail, check the minimum and maximum limits of that diaper pail.

Ease of Use:

 Some diaper pails are built for ease of use, but most of the time they are hard to use. Like in the case of the Diaper Genie, it is hard to use a blade to cut the plastic bags.


 Always think about those diaper pails that are long-lasting, especially if it’s your first baby because you can use the same diaper pail for a second one.


Also, check the cost and efforts of maintaining the diaper pail. There are diaper pails that require more effort but cost less, and there are also diaper pails that require less effort but are costly. So choose at your convenience. 

Cost of refills: 

Diaper pails like Ubbi do not require special diaper trash bags, but diaper pails like Diaper Genie require diaper trash bags provided by them only.

Also, it is important to calculate the yearly overall cost of a diaper pail.

Reviews and ratings: 

The last and most important thing is to check customer reviews online.

You can also watch YouTubers and other influencers’ points of view.

Customer Reviews of Diaper Genie. 

Carolina (Name Changed):- 

This is my first experience with a diaper pail and it was amazing. I won’t probably go for other diaper pails.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nancy B. (Name Changed):- 

Works great, is easy to handle, and is durable. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Allison L. (Name Changed):- 

I had given this to all my nieces and nephews, all of them loved this. This product is Great. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Amalia H. (Name Changed):- 

It doesn’t let out any smell outside the diaper pail. This is great and I am going to recommend others also.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Eva B. (Name Changed):- 

It saves time, is more convenient, and works well. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


What is so special about a Diaper Genie?

Diaper Genie comes with a special filter that reduces odor.

Do diaper genies have wheels?

Yes, Diaper Genie has a wheel so that you can move easily.

Does Little Genie work well?

Yes, LitterGenie works well and has positive customer reviews. 

Conclusion: Is Diaper Genie worth it?

The answer is no. Buying a Diaper Genie is not worth it because other diaper pails provide more advantages than compared to Diaper Genie.

The cons of the diaper genie are that it absorbs odor over time, as a consumer, I can’t use normal trash bags, and sometimes the front lock of the diaper genie does not lock properly.

If we check the price of Diaper Genie, then the price looks a little bit lower, but the refilling cost is much higher. That’s why I prefer other brands as compared to Diaper Genie.

But if you look at customer’s reviews, then they’re positive. But overall it is up to you which one you like. 

Overall, Diaper Genie is not worth it.

Thanks for reading. 

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