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Can oil pulling be done with braces? My personal opinion.

Want to do oil pulling but thinking, “Can oil pulling be done with braces?” To solve this issue, we’re here with a detailed guide. 

That’s why it is recommended to read the entire block post. 

What is oil pulling?

what is oil pulling

Oil pulling is an Indian traditional method that helps you improve your oral health. Under this method, a person swishes oil for about 20–30 minutes. After that, a practitioner spits out the oil and cleans the mouth with water.

Now let’s understand how to do oil pulling with braces.

Can I do oil pulling with braces? Step-by-step guide.

can oil pulling be done with braces

Choose oil: For the selection of oil, make sure that it is organic or cold-pressed for better results. Oil pulling can be done with the help of coconut, sunflower, or sesame oil.

Take measurement: measure a teaspoon, and if you think that it is too much, then decrease it a little bit. Gradually increase the amount of oil.

Swish with care. As you are wearing dresses, it is better to switch the oil gently because it might cause changes in the size of the braces. 

Make sure that oil covers all the areas of the mouth.

Swish around 20 to 30 minutes: most people speak the oil within 5 to 10 minutes, but for better results, swishing for 20 to 30 minutes is recommended.

Spit out carefully. Spitting oil into a sink may block your sink system. Try to use a disposable cup or a trash can.

Rinse your mouth with water. Rinse your mouth with water, or you can also use mouthwash for better results.

Brush your teeth: After tensing your mouth with water, you can use a gentle and soft toothbrush if you feel that your mouth is not clean. But brush carefully.

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List of things I need to remember

  • Start with a small amount of oil. It’s better to first try oil pulling with a small amount and gradually increase it if you are comfortable.
  • Swish softly. Most of the time, we are habitually harsh when we swish. If you wish too hard, then braces may get affected.
  • Concert with the orthodontist: We’ve given a complete guide, but still, it is recommended to take advice from the orthodontist.

Is oil pulling beneficial with braces?

Effectiveness depletion: when you do oil pulling in the presence of braces, it might be a challenging situation. As a result, the effectiveness of oil pulling may be reduced.

Risk of oral issue: if you do oil pulling while wearing dresses, then there might be chances of all stuff between the gaps of braces. You may also find it difficult to maintain hygiene. 

Extra oral hygiene is required: if you have braces, you must maintain hygiene. You can use tools like water flossers or interdental brushes. 

Consult with the orthodontist: Apart from all this information we have given, it is better to consult with the orthodontist in this situation. Discuss the intent of oil pulling and understand the suggestions and advice given by them. 

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Do braces got damaged?

While doing all the pulling, perform it gently. Maintain proper hygiene to avoid any kind of oral infection. Still, if you feel discomfort and notice changes in your braces, then it is better to stop oil pulling, and consulting with an orthodontist can be a good option.

Do I feel discomfort?

If you are doing oil pulling for the first time, then yes, you feel this comfort, but after a few days, everything will become normal, and you can gradually increase the amount of oil. 

What is the best time and quantity to do oil pulling with braces?

best time and quantity for oil pulling

It is better to do oil pulling in the morning before eating or drinking anything. If you are a beginner, then you may take less than a teaspoon and gradually increase the amount of oil.

FAQ: Can oil pulling be done with braces?

Can you use Guru Nanda oil pulling with braces?

Yes, you can use Guru Nanda oil for oil pulling.

Does oil pulling affect dental work?

It depends on the nature of dental work, but yes, oil pulling has potential ways to affect dental work. 

Why do my teeth hurt after an oil pull?

Your teeth hurt, maybe because you used oil that was not suitable for your mouth. Try using a different oil for oil pulling. 

Conclusion: can oil pulling be done with braces?

Yes, you can do oil pulling with braces, but you need to consider a few things, like maintaining proper hygiene, using suitable oil for your mouth, and being gentle while oil pulling. 

Still, if you are facing this, it is recommended that you consult with your orthodontist and discuss the potential goal you want to achieve with oil pulling.

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