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Rhian Stephenson diet. Metabolic reset for longevity

What if I say the Rhian Stephenson diet can transform your body and life? Yes, you heard right.

In this blog, we are going to see how the Rhian Stephenson diet is different from other diets and why this diet gained popularity on the internet.

Who is Rhian Stephenson?

By profession, Rhian Stephenson is a nutritionist and naturopath. She is also the founder of ARTAH, which is a brand that provides supplement and nutrition programs for metabolism and gut health.

Why is the Rhian Stephenson diet popular?

Recently, Phil Hilton (age 59) followed a diet under the guidance of Rhian Stephenson. This diet is a 21-day metabolic reset.

Under the guidance of Rhian Stephenson, he got an exact pathway on how to follow this metabolic reset diet and followed some recipes recommended by her.

What are the problems the dieter faced before following this diet?

Phil said that he always wakes up early in the morning in a stressed mood, worrying and hating himself. Later on, he added that there’s brain fizz and instant jokes. 

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Experience after following the metabolic reset diet?

Rhian Stephenson promised that her method would work, and Phil became calmer, faced no issues while sleeping, had mental clarity, and became more focused.

Phil Hilton said that it’s sad news for him to give up unhealthy food options like cheese, pasta, bread, booze, and sugar.

After completing the metabolic reset program (3 weeks), I feel great and like a 17-year-old guy.

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Why does Rhian Stephenson promote her metabolic program?

Recently, Rhian shared on her Instagram story that her mother (now 74) followed this method and observed mind-blowing benefits.

Like reduction in belly fat, belly fat disappeared, improvement in energy level, and a lot of other things.

What can you get in the Rhian Stephenson diet?

Under this diet, you’ll get various recipes, relaxation techniques, food recommendations, and workout plans. 

What are other diet options available to Rhian Stephenson?

food options

Microbiome Cleanse: It provides actionable steps to optimize your digestion health, microbiome health, and overall well-being. It is made especially for those who are facing gut issues like IBS, SIBO, and bloating.

5-day cleanse: It is a detox program with the primary goal of resetting overall health in just 5 days and uplifting your current energy level.

This plan is effective for those who are looking for quick and long-term results.

7-day reset: This is another detoxification program, an upgraded version of the 5-day cleanse. It helps to detoxify your body and improves digestion and mood. Bette is for those who want to quickly charge their physical and mental health.

The Metabolic Reset: This program focuses on and provides guidance on how to eat, how to lose weight, and the improvement of metabolic health.

This program is beneficial for those who are looking to control their blood sugar level and weight and want to uplift their mood.

28-day reset: Under this method, you will get a protocol divided into three phases. This is best for those who are looking for a full-body reboot.

Principles followed by the Rhian Stephenson diet program.

food principles of Rhian Stephenson diet

Sugar-free menu: The menus under the ARTAH program are made to keep the insulin level under control. They focus on complex flavors instead of relying on added sugar.

Healthy options:- The meals under this program contain foods loaded with antioxidants, cruciferous veggies, and bioactive plants. These foods are excellent sources of nutrition and improve your biological cycle.

Gut-Friendly: Inside the program, you’ll also find probiotics, resistant starches, and wild fermented.

Fiber-focused foods: fiber-rich foods are best for those who want to lose weight. It’s recommended to take 30 grams of fiber per day for adults.

Customer Testimonials 

Customer reviews of Rhian Stephenson diet

Nikolas U. (name changed)

The best program, with amazing recipes.

Lucas K. (name changed)

Feeling better after 21 days of the program. The thing I like about this plan is the hand-on-hand support. Great experience.

Nancy O. (name changed)

Previously, I ate without thinking about what was going on inside my body. I ate a lot, but after a few hours, the munching problem began again.

This program taught me the importance of nutrients.

Georgia V. (name changed)

Their support and workout videos are personal. I always have doubts about how much I should eat because I am a basketball athlete. All problems were solved, thanks to Artah. 


What should I eat on rest days?

You can make smoothies, salad, veggies (stir fry) on reset days

What is the 14-day metabolism reset diet?

It is an extremely low-calorie diet almost 800-900 calories per day and 40-70g of carbohydrates.

What is the 3-week metabolism diet?

This diet focuses on balancing hormones, stabilization of your blood sugar, and boosting metabolism. It is a phased nutrition plan.

What is a 21-day real food reset?

Under this, your energy gets improved, solves the issues regarding gut health, and improves your mental peace.

How does the 5:2 diet work

Under this, you have to eat a healthy, balanced diet for 5 days and fast for the remaining 2 days of the week.


The diet program provided by Rhian is an amazing choice for those who want to lose weight, detoxify their bodies, and energize themselves quickly.

Phil, a 59-year-old dieter under her guidance, got amazing results. Under this program, you’ll get a meal plan, supplements, a workout plan, and professional guidance.

Overall, her diet program is worth it.

Thanks for reading.

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