You are currently viewing James Duncan Diet, Meal Plan, and more. 

James Duncan Diet, Meal Plan, and more. 

James Duncan Diet recently gained a lot of popularity on the internet and is considered an extreme weight loss diet plan. In this blog post, we are going to understand the complete James Duncan diet, for whom it is made, the list of foods you should eat, and whether you should follow this diet plan or not. 

What is the James Duncan Diet?

All about James Duncan diet

The James Duncan diet is a diet that claims that it helps you lose weight. Which means you can lose up to 6.35 kg a week. It sounds impossible, right?

On the list below, you’ll find a list of comments that claim that this diet plan works well, but as of now, there is no scientific evidence or research paper that claims that this diet plan works. 

Why is this diet plan called “Losing a Stone”?

Losing a stone is a term used in the United Kingdom and other countries for weight measurement, and a stone is equal to 6.35 kg. This means if someone says, “I lost a stone in just one week,” it means he lost 6.35 kg in just 7 days. 

For whom is this diet plan made?

target audience of james duncan diet

This diet plan is made for those who want to lose weight in a short period. Now the question here arises: “Is it possible to lose 6.35 kg in a week?”? As of now, it is possible to lose a stone in a week, but it is strictly not recommended. 

The reason behind the prohibition of such diets is a lack of nutrition and other health issues. Today, the internet is loaded with lots of fads and restrictive diet plans without any proven scientific research. Readers need to understand by whom this diet plan is recommended. 

Full-day James Duncan Diet.

Sr NoBreak FastLunch Dinner
11 slice dry toast with 1 grilled tomato OR tinned tomatoesFresh fruit (any fruit and no restriction in amount)Salad and grapefruit with 2 hard boiled eggs
2Grapefruit and 1 boiled eggGrilled chicken with tomatoes and toastSalad and Grilled steak
3Grapefruit and 1 boiled eggFresh fruit (any fruit and no restriction in amount)Salad & grapefruit with 2 grilled lamb chop
41 slice dry toastFresh fruit (any fruit and no restriction in amount)Salad & grapefruit with 2 hard-boiled eggs.
51 slice dry toastFresh fruit (any fruit and no restriction in amount)Fresh fish and salad
61 glass grapefruit juiceFresh fruit (any fruit and no restriction in amount)Carrots and grapefruit with grilled chicken
7Scrambled eggs and grilled or tinned tomatoes. 2 poached eggs with spinach Grilled steak Salad

Rules you should follow while following the James Duncan Diet. 

  • Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Avoid milk, butter, and fats.
  • You can take fluids like tea, black coffee, and sugarless juices. 
  • Do not eat between meals.
  • Follow this diet for one week and take two weeks off. 
  • You can swap lunch and dinner on the same day. 

Some tips to follow.

  • You can take pink grapefruit as compared to regular grapefruit because it is easier to eat. 
  • Drink enough water to avoid any chances of dehydration
  • Adding lemon to tasteless dishes might enhance the flavor. 

Pros and cons of the James Duncan Diet?

pros and cons of james duncan diet


Easy to follow: As you can see above, this diet plan consists of a simple and easy-to-eat food list. That’s why it’s easy to follow a diet. 

Nutrient-dense food options: This diet plan also includes various foods like fruits, veggies, eggs, and lean protein. 

Good for short-term weight loss: Due to a low-calorie diet, you might lose weight in a short period. 


Limited food variety: No doubt this diet plan consists of lots of nutritious foods, but still, calorie-rich foods are missing in this diet. 

Fatigue issues: When a person takes such a low-calorie diet, they might face issues like fatigue and a low metabolism as time goes by. 

Grapefruit negative effects: If you consume grapefruit for a longer time, then you might also face digestive and other allergic issues. 

Lack of Scientific Evidence: This diet is not approved by any international medical authority. It is unsafe to follow this diet. It is recommended to seek consultation from your healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet. 

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How long can a person follow this diet?

You can follow this diet plan for one week and wait for two weeks. The reason behind this is that this diet plan is restrictive, and there is no scientific evidence. 

Individuals who should avoid this diet plan?

Pregnant women: Pregnant women need enough nutrients and calories for optimum fetal health. That’s why it is not recommended for pregnant women to follow this diet.

Children:- Children, at their growing age, require all essential nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. That’s why it is recommended that they not follow such a calorie-restrictive diet. 

Medical conditions: An individual suffering from diabetes and heart disease may require those nutrients that are missing in this diet plan. For this, you need to seek consultation from your healthcare professional and discuss whether you should follow this diet or not. 

Facing allergies: Foods like eggs and wheat may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. 

Customer Testimonials of James Duncan Diet

Jimmy B (name changed)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This diet works well for me. Thanks a lot for sharing this. 

Valeena (name changed)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With this diet, I also tried cycling and running. I lost almost 4 kg in a week, and I hope it will work fine for me in the future. 

Valeta (name changed)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Just one word: superb for weight loss. 

Salina (name changed)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This diet plan is restrictive. I’m still thinking about whether I should follow this diet or not. 


Does a chemical diet work?

Yes, chemical diets work, but before taking any such diet, it is better to seek consultation from your healthcare professional. 

Can I lose 3 stones in 3 months?

Yes, it is possible to lose 3 stone in a month, but you need to follow a tough, calorie-restrictive diet. 

Is the Dukan diet safe?

The Dukan diet is good for weight loss, but potential health issues you might face include liver and kidney disease.


The James Dukan diet is a diet plan in which a person loses a stone (which means approximately 6.35 kg, approximately) in just one week. You might be surprised at how it is possible, but it is true. 

As of now, there is no scientific research that proves the assurity of this diet. That’s why we always recommend that our readers seek offline or online consultation from their healthcare professional. 

As this diet is calorie-restrictive, that’s why a dieter may face issues like fatigue and laziness. 

Overall consultation from professionals is a must. 

Thanks for reading. 

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