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3 Person Yoga Poses (With Images)

Performing yoga can be upgraded to make it more entertaining and we are here with 3 Person Yoga Poses

It is also known as “Group Yoga,” and there are incredible benefits to it like developing trust among practitioners, better communication, and developing core strength.

What are Yoga Poses?

Yoga poses are a collection of different body poses that a practitioner can
practice to attain physical and mental strength.

Is it Good to Practice Yoga with three People?

Some people find yoga a boring practice, even I also. Practicing yoga with three people can be more entertaining, strengthening, and collective learning. So we can say that practicing yoga with three people can be considered beneficial.

Let’s Discuss 3 Person Yoga Poses.

10 Different Yoga Poses for Three People

1:- Om chanting:

In this, you have to sit in a circle facing each other and join your hands with Om chanting. You can also hold any mudra instead of joining hands.
Om chanting collectively brings harmony among all practitioners.

Women sitting on a mountain and doing om chanting

2: Tadasan Pose Racing:

In this pose, you have to define a start and end line. Now three people must stand on a starting line in tadasana (mountain pose). The person will say start,” and all three participants should walk in tadasana as fast as they can.

The one who reaches the end line will be rewarded with any gift like a yoga mat, running headband, skipping equipment, or other sports equipment. We also practiced Tadasana in our Yoga classes

3: The Kapalbhati Competition:

Women doing Intense breathing

Kapalbhati is a yogic breathing technique in which a person exhales with intensity in chunks.
Now you can sit in a circle facing each other and start kapalbhati. The one who lasted for a longer period would be considered a winner.

4: Samakonasan Triangle Shape:

Women doing middle stretch

In this yoga pose, you have to do a center split and form a triangle with the other two participants.
After forming a triangle, all the participants can hold their hands or play any games like stone, paper, scissors, or any other fun activities.

It is one of the famous poses for those who are practicing Yoga Poses with three People.

5: Tolasana Competition:

Women doing Lotus position

Tolasana is a yogic position in which you have to sit in a Lotus position and uplift your body with the help of both hands. Your two palms would be on the ground.

6: Straight-arm Plank on each other:

Women doing straight arm plank

Straight arm plank means you have to hold your body in a plank position, but your arm would be straight.
Now let’s assume there are three yoga practitioners: A, B, and C. 

Person A is folding a straight-arm plank on the ground. Person B would be in the position of a straight-arm plank, and Person C would be in the position of person B holding a straight-arm plank. That’s why you can practice the Straight-Arm Plank.

7: Adho Mukha Svanasana with 3 People:-

Image of yoga poses for three people.

This yoga position is also known as Downward Dog Pose, in which the practitioner uplifts their hip while bending their lower body downward and keeping both palms on the ground.

Now this can be practiced with three people. Two practitioners must do downward dogs against each other, and a third person has to support the hips of both people on the ground to do downward dogs. This forms a triangle shape.

8: Trio Cobra Pose:

Women doing Cobra pose

Cobra pose is also known as bhujangasan, and you can perform this with three people. Three practitioners lie on the ground facing each other in the following yoga pose.
You can take it as a competition to see who can hold this cobra for a longer period.

9: Three people Squat:

Two women doing Squats

Three people’s squats can be performed when the first person goes into a squat position, the second person starts their position and the first person ends.

The buttocks of the first person should be touched with the knees of the second person, and the same thing goes for the third person as well.

10:3 People Uttanpadasana:

Women doing yoga

In this yoga position, the practitioner must lie on his back with his palms touching down and raise his legs to make it 90°. Uttanpadasana is a Sanskrit word that means “Leg Raised”. 

To practice it with three people, all practitioners must go into the Uttanpadasana position and hold their hands.

The video below Might be Helpful


Warm up and precautions before Practicing the 3-Person Yoga Pose.

1. Hopping: Hopping, especially on a toe, makes your body jump without any resistance. This fosters blood circulation all over the body, and it is one of the best ways to warm up before any physical activity.

2. Upper Body Stretch: This includes basic stretching of the upper body like neck rotation, waist rotation, hand rotation, and so on.

3. Lower body stretch: This includes overall lower body stretching like holding your legs in a horse position, middle stretching, forward bending, side stretching, etc.

Note: It’s important to take advice before performing any warm-up exercise because beginners face injury while performing warm-ups.


1: Don’t force yourself. While performing yoga, people force themselves beyond their limits to look perfect. In Trio Yoga, if you’re overweight, then you should become base while performing it.

2: Perform it with a yoga mat: A yoga mat provides a dedicated grip for the practitioner, which helps the practitioner hold it in a particular position. It’s important to note that parks and gardens without yoga mats are not safe at all.

3: Perform it with Friends: Performing yoga with three people without any coordination between them leads to serious injury. Imbalance and leg twists are frequent injuries if the trio doesn’t have proper coordination.

Is there any benefit to the Trio Yoga position?

Yes. It makes yoga more entertaining. Performing yoga alone can be a boring task, but when two other people join, it becomes a fun activity along with a health benefit.

Can I lose weight while doing yoga with three people

Performing yoga with peers may not be the best solution to maintaining a disciplined approach to losing weight because it diverts your mind. But if practitioners are professionals, then peer yoga may be a good option to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, then the DIP Diet is also a good option for you. Read more on the DIP Diet.


Is it dangerous to perform three-person yoga poses?

If you are a beginner, then starting with intermediate poses is the best option; otherwise, there is no risk in performing these yoga poses.

Can I perform yoga poses with four people?

Yes, you can perform your poses with four people, but at least one participant must be professional.

Can I have breakfast after yoga?

Yes, you can have breakfast after yoga.

When should I stop my yoga journey?

There is no side effect to yoga, but you should avoid certain yoga poses when you’re pregnant or have certain injuries.

What are yoga poses to lose weight?

Matsyasana, Tadasana, and Sarvangasan are some useful yoga poses to lose weight

Conclusion on 3 Person Yoga Poses

It is said that when you convert boring activities into fun, there are chances that you can maintain consistency. In the case of yoga, performing it with peers helps to maintain consistency.

Poses like Tadasana walk racing and Adho Mukha Svanasana with 3 people can be performed under this

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