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Can a chiropractor help with a pulled muscle?

Can a chiropractor help with a pulled muscle? When someone talks about the chiropractor, people imagine a healthcare professional who only adjusts the spine and treats the neck, but a chiropractor is not limited to that at all.

In short, a chiropractor also helps to align pulled muscles, and if you want to know how much they charge per visit, the results you can expect after visiting a chiropractor, and many more related queries related to it, then read this blog post.

Who is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional who treats issues related to muscles, joints, and the spine.

These healthcare professionals believe that if they align the spine properly, then it sends a positive signal to the nervous system, and the body can heal itself.

Most of the time, patients visit a chiropractor for issues related to neck pain, back pain, and headaches.

What are pulled muscles and how do they feel?

When you overstretch while working out, your muscles get pulled, and it feels like a quick, sharp pain.

Most of the time, you’ll find swelling, bruising, and instant pain in the muscle area.

Symptoms of pulled muscles

Symptoms of pulled muscles

Here are some symptoms when your muscles are pulled:

Pain: When there is a microtear in muscle fibers, it hurts. In this case, surrounding tissues stimulate the pain. If you feel a sudden pain, then there might be a chance that your muscles are pulled.

Swelling: When your muscles are pulled, you’ll feel swelling in that area, and it happens because the immune system’s response gets activated.

Discolored Skin: When your blood vessels get broken, it results in discolored skin. When your muscles tear, there are high chance that capillaries also get damaged, and through the process, the skin becomes colorless in the injured area.

Range of Motion: If you’re an athlete, then you’ll notice a deterioration in your performance if your muscles are pulled. When you perform lunges and squats, your lower body feels some stretch, which indicates your muscles are pulled.

Causes of pulled muscles

Causes of Pulled Muscles

Here are some reasons why your muscles are pulled.

Overwork: When you push your muscles beyond their capabilities, it leads to muscle strain.

When force is applied to a muscle while working out, it either contracts or tears. 

Improper Warm-up: When you warm up, blood flow increases in your muscles, which leads to fewer chances of injury and also provides flexibility in the muscles.

If you’re still confused about how to perform a warm-up to avoid muscle injury, then you can watch videos on YouTube by experts.

Muscle imbalance: A muscle imbalance happens when a stronger muscle pushes the opposite muscles, and this increases the risk of strain.

Fatigued muscle: After a heavy workout, muscles become tired and lose their coordination until they are properly recovered. This has also become a reason for pulled muscles.

Sudden movement: Exercises like knee-highs and workout drills cause sudden movement in muscles, which changes the direction and causes strain.

Dehydration: When your muscles get dehydrated, their contractions are reduced, which causes strain.

Aging: As we grow older, the elasticity and strength of our muscles decrease. Older individuals have higher chances of muscle pulling due to less resilient forces.

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How can a Chiropractor help with a pulled muscle?

Here are some ways performed by chiropractors to solve pulled muscle issues.

Spinal Adjustment: Chiropractors are specialized to adjust the spine so that your nervous system functions properly.

Spine adjustment may increase the blood flow in the pulled muscle area, which may reduce the pain in the pulled muscle area.

Pressure Technique: Chiropractors use the myofascial technique, in which they apply gentle pressure to increase the blood flow in the pulled muscle area. This reduces the tension in your muscles and helps you recover faster.

Rehabilitative Exercises: The chiropractor may suggest some movements and exercises that solve the pulled muscle problem over time.

Advanced therapy: Some well-established chiropractors also give advanced therapy like ultrasound and electrical stimulation to their patients for faster recovery.

Heat and cold therapy: Hot and cold therapy has been used for many years. Hot therapy relaxes the muscles, whereas cold therapy reduces swelling. Both therapies are useful as per the situation.

Can a chiropractor help with a pulled muscle?

Yes. Chiropractors can help with pulled muscles, but first, you need to study the background of the chiropractor and where they will go.

Before visiting, check customer reviews to see if he or she has social media accounts like YouTube, LinkedIn, and profiles on other health-oriented apps.

How can a chiropractor help with a pulled muscle

How much Chiropractor Charge per visit? 

According to, chiropractors charge $100-$150 per visit and these charges are without insurance. 

The lowest charge would be $60 and the maximum may touch up to $200


Is it good to go to a chiropractor for a pulled muscle?

Yes, chiropractors can help you with pulled muscles, and they use various tools to reduce inflammation.

Can an adjustment help a pulled muscle?

Yes, adjustment helps to increase the blood flow, and this would help with pulled muscles.

What is the best therapy for a pulled muscle?

REST (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) is one of the best therapies for a pulled muscle.

Conclusion: Can a chiropractor help with a pulled muscle?

Yes, chiropractors help you solve the issue of pulled muscles because they are not only spine adjusters; they also use pressure techniques. These techniques help increase blood flow to the injured area, which reduces inflammation.

Still, if you have any confusion regarding this issue, you can consult with other healthcare professionals. 

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