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Shagun Rawat, Certified Fitness Trainer.

Hello Fitness Geeks! 

I am Shagun Rawat, a professional gym goer and certified fitness trainer. In the past 3 years, I have helped others gain weight through weight loss, strength training, powerlifting, and muscle gain. Based on my experience and knowledge, I would like to help others in the health niche. 

Why did I start a gym? 

From childhood on, I was skinny and fat, and most of my friends used to tease me. I followed various YouTube channels to understand the basics of muscle building, and after that, I took admission at my nearest gym center. There I met my coach (Tom McCarthy, name changed), and he cleared my posture and forms. 

My Transformation Journey, Before and After.

As you can see below, during my transformation journey, I trained hard for this. 

Who’s my inspiration, and with whom have I met?

I met with various bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, like Flex Wheeler and Kai Greene. As you can see below, 

Some other meetings with well-known fitness enthusiasts. 

  1. Rajveer Fitness Series
  2. John Lucas
  3. Wasim Khan 
  4. Vikram Phogat (a strong man from India who lifted 386 kg)

What certifications did I get?

Under the guidance of Daniel Dragomir, I completed my fitness trainer certifications. 

Why did I join Leafydo as a writer?

I joined to share my knowledge, which no other health website has. This is because whatever I share will be based on my experience and expertise. Overall, you’ll find my article backed by scientific research and medically proven. 

What can readers expect from me? 

Readers can expect content like “how-to” tutorials, diet plans with testimonials from customers, and tips and tricks based on my experience. 

Want to connect with me? Here is my social media handle. 

[email protected]

Hello, fitness freaks! I am Saif, a professional Taekwondo athlete and black belt holder (Dan 1). I started my athletic career in 2018 and had 5 years of experience as a martial artist. My expertise is to provide advice on nutrition, rest, recovery, a balanced diet, injury prevention, and other aspects of mind-body connection.

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