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Is Taekwondo Effective

Is Taekwondo Effective? Explained by Dan 1 Black Belts.

Is Taekwondo effective? You might think that only these fancy kicks work in real life. 

As a Dan 1 taekwondo athlete, I am here to explain to you whether taekwondo is effective At the end, you’ll get a clear-cut answer on whether it is effective and whether it brings change in your life. 

So let’s begin.

What is Taekwondo, and why is this martial art so controversial?

Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly focuses on kicks and punches. Under this martial art, you have two forms: fighting (Kyorugi in Korean), and standing (also known as poomsae).

This martial art gained much popularity when it was included in the Olympic Games in 2000. 

Is Taekwondo effective? 

The effectiveness of martial arts depends on person to person. As I have also been practicing it for the past 5 years, I can say that taekwondo is effective because it helps to improve mental toughness, flexibility, and sparring skills. 

My experience with how Taekwondo is effective?

When I was 14 years old, I was depressed because I was poor at my academics. Later on, one of my friends suggested gymnastics, but unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the membership fee. 

At school only, there were free taekwondo sessions by various coaches from different academies. I used to attend and listen to what instructors used to teach their students. Later on, I developed an interest and joined. 

Gradually, I learned the basics, and with that, I also saw improvement in academics. That’s how taekwondo changed my life. 

In what areas is taekwondo effective?

  • Improves mental toughness: Nowadays, every motivational speaker and influencer talks about mental toughness, but what does that mean? If you want to feel a true sense of mental toughness, then taekwondo is one of the best ways to experience it. When an athlete pushes by its own will, it becomes mentally tough.
  • The best form of physical activity: If you want to be lean and physically active, then taekwondo is the best one to choose. Here, you don’t need to think much more about it. Just join an academy, and there you’ll learn the basics, gradually developing lean physical strength. 
  • Bring discipline to life: As with other sports, this also needs discipline. You can’t skip the middle stretch and mobility, or else you’ll regret another session. A person gets disciplined naturally because he knows that if he doesn’t practice today, then tomorrow he’ll lose flexibility or mobility. That’s why you’ll get disorganized with very little effort. 
  • Better career opportunities: As taekwondo became an Olympic sport in 2000, most people began their journey as athletes. 
  • Recently, I saw a kid, just 7 years old, start his taekwondo journey when he was only 4 years old. Now you can understand the seriousness and enthusiasm people have for taekwondo.
  • Best for self-defense: Taekwondo is not allowed for kicks and punches. Here you’ll develop fitness training, and the instructor will command you for pushups, chin-up crunches, sit-ups, squats, and other physical activities to strengthen your body. That’s why a pro taekwondo athlete knows how to defend himself. 

In what areas is taekwondo not effective?

Other materials: No doubt, taekwondo is less effective when it comes to other forms of martial arts. Like boxing and judo, which require more hand movements compared to legs, that’s why it’s not effective in hand-oriented martial arts.

Street fights with no opponents: Generally, street fights don’t have rules and regulations, but taekwondo is a sport in which you have to strike as per the rules. That’s why if a taekwondo player is habitually following sparring rules, then definitely taekwondo won’t work at street fights. 

Should I choose taekwondo to begin a martial arts journey?

According to me, there is no perfect way of doing anything. No matter which martial art you choose, first ask yourself: Is this martial art made for me? Am I able to dedicate myself fully to this? 

If you have convincing answers, then you can choose that martial art. 

If you ask me whether taekwondo is a good way to start your martial arts journey, then yes, it’s a good way to begin your journey.

Is Taekwondo effective at a street fight?

As we discussed above, street fights won’t have any set of rules and regulations to fight. That’s why taekwondo may not be as effective in street fighting. 

But also note that do not underestimate taekwondo; even one perfect kick is enough to defend yourself, and opponents won’t dare attack again. 

But as a master, I won’t recommend any taekwondo athlete engage themselves in a street fight because taekwondo is all about discipline and harmony.

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How do I become better at taekwondo?

To become better at taekwondo, you first have to be loyal to your trainers and coaches. After that, you need to work on your mindset, and at each session, you have to put yourself forward for 1% improvement every day. I discussed various points that you can implement to improve yourself at taekwondo. Read more on how to improve yourself at taekwondo.


Is Taekwondo effective in street fighting?

Taekwondo is not effective for street fights because there are no specific rules for it.

How do you defend yourself on the street as a taekwondo player?

Use a poomsae stance and kicks to defend yourself as a taekwondo athlete in a street fight. 

Can I use taekwondo at street fights?

Yes, you can use taekwondo techniques in street fights to defend yourself.

Conclusion: Is Taekwondo Effective?

Taekwondo is one of the most effective martial arts in almost all fields. You can use it for career sports or transformations for your overall physique. 

If we talk about street fights, then taekwondo is not effective because it follows certain rules to attack and defend. Still kicks and blocking techniques are effective at street fights. 

However, I always recommend every taekwondo athlete stay away from street fights because taekwondo is all about peace and harmony. 

Still, if you have any questions regarding this or want to ask any questions, then email us at [email protected]

Thanks for reading, and keep learning.

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