You are currently viewing Moda Health Insurance reviews. Is it good?  

Moda Health Insurance reviews. Is it good?  

In this blog, we are going to see Moda Health Insurance reviews and other queries related to it, like what are the plans under this, how to get claims, various awards taken by this organization, etc.

Also note that we also covered various health insurance reviews, which might help you choose the best one. You will find links between the blog posts. 

What is Moda health insurance? 

Moda Health Insurance provides health insurance in the USA (in some selected states like Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Texas). One of the best things about Moda is that they also offer dental plans in Oregon and Alaska.

Their plans cover only individuals and family members.

What can I get under individual and family plans?

There are no standard plans offered by ModaHealth. Here is the list of plans we got when we entered our information.

Information we entered: 

  • Zip Code:99502
  • Place: Anchorage Municipality
  • Kind of coverage Medical and dental 
  • Name: Clara (name changed due to privacy reasons)
  • Date of Birth: 10/15/1997 (date changed due to privacy reasons)
  • Do you use tobacco products?

List of plans we got: 

We received a total of eight plans.

moda health insurance plans
Plan typeName of PlanDeductibleOut-of-pocket maxPCP office visitSpecial VisitTotal Rate
BronzeModa Pioneer Bronze 5500$5,500/$11,000$9,250/$18,50040%(after deductible)40% (after deductible)$511/mo
BronzeModa Pioneer Bronze 6500$6,500/$13,000$9,000/$18,000$45/visit$75/visit$513/mo
BronzeModa Pioneer Alaska Standard Silver$7,500/$15,000$9,400/$18,800$50/visit$100/visit$480/mo
SilverModa Pioneer Silver 2900 Direct$2,900/$5,800$8700/$17,400$35/visit$70/visit$566/mo
GoldModa Pioneer Gold 1500$1,500/$3,000$6.,000/$12,000$25/visit$50/visit$718/mo
GoldModa Pioneer Alaska standard Gold$1,500/$3,000$8700/$17,400$30/visit$60/visit$719/mo
SilverOut-of-pocket max$5,900/$11,800$9,100/$18,200$40/visit$80/visit$787/mo
SilverModa Pioneer Alaska Standard Bronze$4,500/$9,000$7,750/$15,500$30/visit$60/visit$809/mo

What are the USPs of Moda health insurance?

Here are some reasons why Moda health insurance is better than other health insurance.

  • Quality: The plans provided by Moda intend to enhance the policyholders’ health. 
  • Proper Guidance: There are lots of confusions and misconceptions about health insurance. The guidance provided by Moda employees helps meet an insurance seeker’s needs.
  • Convenience: Moda also involves technologies to improve its services and connections with policyholders. For example, I was texting a doctor and inviting policyholders to virtual appointments.

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Some mind-blowing figures of Moda’s health influence.

  • 4,30,000+ members are enrolled.
  • 7,50,000+ members in their stand-alone pharmacy segment 
  • 1.3 million members enrolled in their dental plans

What are the things Moda provides apart from insurance?

things other than moda health insurance plans
  1. Gym Membership: Moda also had a tie-up with local gyms and provided services to their customers.
  2. Alternative care: Moda also provides relaxing services like acupuncture and chiropractic massage.
  3. Health and fitness bands for monitoring their current health status.
  4. Health Coaching 
  5. Care Coordinator 
  6. Emergency travel assistance
  7. Tobacco cessation 
  8. 12 weeks of therapy in just one click 
  9. Professional advice to manage stress, burnout, and depression
  10. Techniques for mindfulness.

Is Moda health insurance good?

To answer this question, we read almost every comment on videos available on YouTube related to this insurance company. We also checked many forum websites and groups, and we concluded that yes, Moda health insurance is good and you can trust them. 

How good is Moda health insurance in terms of customer support?

Moda Health customer support is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

One thing we would like to appreciate about Moda Health is that they have a specific contact number for each service they provide. Here is a list of contact numbers you can contact based on the query they had.

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Contact numbers.

  • Medical: 503-243-3962, toll-free: 877-605-3229
  • Dental coverage: 503-265-5680, toll-free: 877-277-7280
  • Medicare Advantage: 503-265-4762, toll-free: 877-299-9062
  • Medicare Pharmacy: 503-265-4709, toll-free: 888-786-7509
  • Dental OHP: 503-243-2987, toll-free: 800-342-0526
  • Medical OHP: 503-765-3521, toll-free: 888-788-9821
  • Member dashboard customer service: 503-265-4700, toll-free: 888-374-8907.

Office and mail address.

Physical address: 601 S.W. Second Ave. Portland, OR 97204

Mailing address: P.O. Box 40384, Portland, Oregon, 97240-0384

Note: Moda Health Insurance recommends potential customers contact us either by phone or mail. Email might not be the safest option, as per their perception.

Things to remember before taking health insurance.

Compare coverage options:- Take a deep understanding of plans and compare them. Later on, you can choose the best one, for ex: you can compare HMOs, PPO’s and EPO’s

Coverage Offerings:- Understand clearly what they’re going to cover under a particular coverage. 

Understand the claim process:- Before taking any health insurance, you need to first understand what are the terms and conditions for claims and how easily you can claim. 

Check customer support:- Customer support also plays a vital role in whether you should enroll for insurance in a particular company or not.


Is Moda healthy in Texas?

Yes, Moda provides its services in Texas.

How do I contact Moda Health Oregon?

You can send mail, email, call, or visit the physical office to contact Moda Health Oregon.

Is it safe to take insurance from Moda?

Yes, it is completely safe to take insurance from Moda.

Conclusion on Moda Health Insurance Reviews 

Moda Health Insurance is one of the best insurance companies for those who live in the states of the USA mentioned above.

Talking about customer testimonials, we can say that they’re satisfied with the service provided by them.

Moda Health started as a dental service, but later on, they decided to expand it into the insurance sector.

Overall, we recommend that every reader of this post seek consultation from their financial advisor and healthcare expert, who can assist them in this because whatever we mentioned is true and cross-verified. 

Thanks for reading.

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