You are currently viewing Oscar Health Insurance Reviews. Enough for health expenses?

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews. Enough for health expenses?

Plenty of insurance companies exist, but have you ever considered which ensures your health? This blog post is dedicated to Oscar health insurance reviews and many more related queries. 

Note: To make this block post genuine, we neither partner with any company nor provide any affiliate links. That’s why we recommend you stick to the end. 

What is Oscar’s health insurance?

what is oscar health

Back in 2012, Oscar was founded and offered an individual plan in 2014 with 24 hours and 7 days of virtual service. Dekh Lena says that they are a full-stack technology platform and dedicated to serving their clients. 

All they want to do here is “behave like a doctor in the family.” This means that Oscar is capable of fulfilling all your medical requirements. 

What makes Oscar’s health insurance different?

Oscar believes that no matter to which age group you belong, every US citizen deserves quality and affordable healthcare. 

That’s why their plans are suitable for every age group.

With advanced technology, they collect user data and offer a personalized plan that adjusts to their pocket. 

Who is the co-founder of Oscar Health Insurance?

Mario Schlosser, a visionary founder and president of technology, makes sure that everything works at per-user convenience. Read more on Mario Schlosser. 

How can I enroll in Oscar’s health insurance?

how to apply for oscar health insurance

For this, you need to visit their official website and look on their landing page for the “Find a Plan button.

Click on the “Continue” button and follow the below steps.

  1. Enter your zip code. Here, you need to enter your zip code so that Oscar can find the best plan nearby. 
  2. For whom you want a plan: under this, you need to mention the list of individuals you want to include in your family. You will have options for yourself, your spouse, your family, or just your children. 
  3. Enter information: You will find a box, and you need to fill in the information, like your date of birth and gender. Do you use tobacco and are you enrolled in or entitled to Medicare?
  4. Enter household details: Enter the number of people who claim on the current year’s tax return (including yourself).
  5. Your estimated income for the current year before taxes. Later on, click on Apply.

Note: There is still a lots of information you need to enter. For more, you can visit their official website and check it out in detail.

How does Oscar’s health insurance work?

Activate your account: On your official website, first, create an account and later complete the account activation process. 

Complete payment process: based on the information provided, you will get customized plans, and for that, you need to pay. 

Get your PCP: Here you’ll get your primary care provider, who will guide you on medication and best plans. 

What are the types of insurance covered by them?

There are three types of plans covered by Oscar Health Insurance.

  • Individuals and families: above, explain how to apply for individual or family plans. 
  • Cigna+ Oscar: Under this plan, they offer health insurance for small businesses. Under this, an employer provides insurance to its employees in one place.
  • Oscar for Business: For businesses, Oscar provides amazing mind-blowing plans, and here are some shocking figures about them. 

Some shocking figures from Oscar Health Insurance. 

  • According to Satmatrix, Oscar has a 23 customer satisfaction rating as compared to the average customer satisfaction rating in the industry.
  • With the help of Oscar technology like telemedicine, in 2018, Oscar-enrolled members saved an average of $600 in one year. 
  • Considering reviews given by owners, 95% of them think that the dashboard for Oscar is easy to use. 

How can I contact Oscar Health Insurance if I have a query?

For every group or category, they had various contact numbers. 

  • Individual and family plan: 18556722788
  • Medicare plan: 18556722710 (TTY:711)
  • Small group plans: 18556722784 (TTY:711)

Note: You can contact them between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. between Monday and Friday.

Is there any alternative to Oscar’s health insurance?

According to, below are the cheapest health insurance rates in the USA. If you want, you can also replace Oscar’s health insurance with this. 

Kaiser Permanente:- On average, Kaiser costs $373 a month, and it is considered the cheapest health insurance company in 2024. 

Aetna:- Their plan starts at $392, which makes them the second-cheapest health insurance company in the USA. 

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At which location is Oscar’s health insurance available?

Oscar offers plans in 18 states of the USA. Given below is a list. 

where do they deliver
  1. Virginia
  2. Tennessee
  3. Texas
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Ohio
  7. North Carolina
  8. Nebraska
  9. New Jersey
  10. New York
  11. Missouri
  12. Lowa
  13. Michigan.
  14. Kansas
  15. Georgia
  16. Illinois
  17. Florida
  18. Arizona

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews (Customer Testimonials)

Gionee V (name changed says)

Everything is fine, but I’m not satisfied with the app. I was on a video call with a healthcare professional, and suddenly I left. I think this needs attention. 

Valencia U (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Easy to use, and I am completely satisfied with them.

Aviana H (name changed says)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s one of the best apps I’ve ever seen. Recently, while logging in, I entered my password almost four times and did a finger scan. I think this is for security purposes, but they should simplify the process. 

Nevada J (name changed says)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Bug issue, but great service.

Aleena E (name changed says)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Works well.

FAQ on Oscar Health Insurance Reviews

Is it safe to take insurance from Oscar Health?

As per our research, it is better to compare plans offered by Oscar Health and other insurance companies like Kaiser Permanente and Aetna. 

Is Oscar’s health going to survive in the future?

As of now, we haven’t found any news that indicates that they’re running out of business, but they also pulled out their services from many states like Arkansas, Colorado, and California. 

Conclusion on Oscar Health Insurance Reviews

Oscar Health Insurance is an insurance provider that mainly focuses on individual, family, and small business employee insurance.

Their app and services seem above average, and testimonials from their customers also show the same reviews. Still, we recommend that you seek consultation from your healthcare professional or financial advisor on this.

Thanks for reading. 

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