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How to quit phone addiction

How to Quit Phone Addiction.10 Proven Tips That Work. 

According to, on average, people use their phones for 3 hours and 15 minutes. But you might be using it for more than 6 hours, right? That’s why you want a convincing answer to “How to Quit Phone Addiction,” right?

Don’t worry; after reading this full blog post, you cannot only quit your smartphone addiction but also become more focused on your studies and professional work. 

So let’s begin with the fundamentals of addiction. 

What is addiction, according to science?

It is a condition when your body associates itself with certain activities, substances, or behaviors for temporary pleasure. Under addiction, you lose your body control and repeat the same behavior, even if there’s a long-term loss. 

Why are smartphones so addictive? 

Instant gratification: I’m sure that if you’re using a smartphone, there’s a high chance that your self-control is lower and you want everything immediately.

Smartphones are loaded with apps that are specifically made to provide you with notifications about likes, comments, and trending topics. It releases reward chemicals like dopamine and other pleasure hormones. 

FOMO: We always like to be informed in some or other ways. That’s why we read newspapers and social media. That’s why we always have a fear of missing out.

As a student, you might be wondering what’s the “Latest Maths Trick” by your favorite professor, and as a professional, you might be interested in “The Mood of Today’s Stock Market.”.

Too many recommendations: If you’re a conscious reader or content consumer, then you might not read or watch other related content, but most of the time people become too engaged in this, and at the end, they say, “Oh, I lost my 2 hours.”

Reels:- After the success of TikTok, platforms like YouTube and Instagram got the secret formula to increase the number of users on their platforms.

Have you observed that when you open these apps, your default screen is a 30-second short video? That’s why smartphones are so addictive.

How to quit phone addiction? My experience and strategy.

Goal setting is the key

Let me clarify to you that if you have no purpose in life, you’ll be distracted all the time, and a phone is just a device. Now I won’t say that you have to fight in the UFC or something mind-blowing.

Just look at current skills in your industry and learn them from various platforms like YouTube or other online course-selling platforms. 

Never use your phone just after waking up

“Mom, where is my phone?” This is the first word you might say to your mother, right? You might be wondering how I guessed this.

 This is because even I was like you six months ago. So always try to follow your morning rituals and never use your phone just after waking up. 

Use certain apps

 There are various apps on the App as well as the Google Play Store that enable you to fix your phone usage. We haven’t mentioned any apps because we do not promote any apps to make this blog post biased. 

Join physical activity classes

 In this busy and noisy world, we lost our childhood due to work and studies. If you’re too addicted to the phone and want some relief, then join yoga, Zumba, meditation, music classes, or some martial arts.

Let me give an example. I am a working professional, but I am also a martial artist. Learn more about me

Set an intention before switching on the phone

 Do not pick up your phone randomly. First, you must have a list of things you want to do when you open your phone.

 I will do research, check professional emails, and watch motivational videos of xyz people on xyz topics. 

Meet instead of chatting

 Nowadays we’re habitually chatting instead of meeting that person face-to-face. If you want to talk for a long time, then instead of chatting for hours and hours, try to fix a meeting. 

Prepare-to-Do List

 I’ve been following the ritual of the to-do list consciously for the past 6 months, and the results are great. While preparing the list, I say to myself, “After completion of the list, I’ll touch my phone, and if the task remains at the end of the night, I won’t use it at all.”

Now, this might sound tough, but preparing a to-do list is something amazing. 

Read books

I usually complete one book in 14–15 days. The reason I bring this up is that it increases your attention span. Smartphones do nothing but decrease your attention span, but books help you think in depth.

Try to read offline and pick some mind-blowing novels for yourself. 

Be mindful. 

When you’re fully present at a particular task, you’ll enter the flow zone. In which you can focus on one thing for a long time. This helps you leave your phone addiction because now you’re enjoying the process. 

Turn on monochrome mode

 My phone goes black and white automatically after 10:00 p.m. Now who will use a phone that only has a black and white screen? 

Nobody, right? You can also do this on your phone or get an app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

How much smartphone usage is normal daily?

As it is subjective and depends on person to person, according to Reid Health, less than 2 hours a day is enough and healthy for a human being. 

How can I use my smartphone more constructively? 

Turn off all your notifications and set intentions before opening the phone screen. That’s how you can use your smartphone more constructively. 

I am not able to leave my phone addiction; what should I do?

If you’ve tried everything but still aren’t able to quit your smartphone addiction, then it is better to consult with a professional or take some cognitive therapy for it. 

Conclusion on How to Quit Phone Addiction

Quitting smartphone addiction cannot be done in just one simple way; you have to try various keys to unlock this lock.

Goal setting, turning off notifications, reading books, practicing mindfulness, and using productive apps are some ways to quit your smartphone addiction. Still, if you’re facing this issue, it is better to consult with a professional and take some therapy to cure it.

Still, if you have a question, let me know in the comment section below. We will reply to the same and help you out.

Overall, we would highly recommend that you seek consultation with a professional before changing anything in your life. 

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