You are currently viewing Butterfield Diet. Easy roadmap for weight loss.

Butterfield Diet. Easy roadmap for weight loss.

What if I say there is a diet plan called the “Butterfield Diet,” which helps you lose weight like never before? But wait, we strongly recommend you not follow this. 

Note: This diet plan is only for informational purposes. We strongly recommend that you seek consultation from your healthcare professional or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet. 

What is the Butterfield diet?

What is the Butterfield diet

A British comedian named “Peter Serafinowicz” portrayed a fictional character called Brian Butterfield, and his diet went viral because he lost weight in a short period. 

What can I eat on the Butterfield diet?

While researching, we’re shocked that nothing is nutritious in the Butterfield diet. Still, if you want to lose weight healthily, then we’ve discussed a complete, healthy, and balanced diet plan.

Complete a 7-day Butterfield diet.

BreakfastLunch DinnerPudding
Monday One cornflake toasted with a low-fat spread. Drink hot water.Small raw potato, peeled
Salad. Mini lettuce leaf
Drink room-temperature water.
Square of low-fat turkey breast.
Baked beans in low-fat tomato sauce
Broccoli Shavings. Drink chilled water.
Ice cubes and artificial sweeteners.
Tuesday Same as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as above
Wednesday Same as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as above
Thursday Same as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as above
Friday Same as aboveSame as aboveSame as aboveSame as above
Saturday *1 (Treat day)
Sunday Rest day Rest day Rest day Rest day

*1Treat day:- Artificial bacon, pasta pillows, pizza birthday pie, chocolate quails’ egg, potato grids, fluffy ruffs, MC fortune cookies, and 20 cheese omelets Anything else. 

Pros and cons of the Butterfield diet.


  • Low-calorie intake: As you can see above, few food options have a low-calorie quantity. 
  • Lower the risk of heart disease: as this dies, do not contain any foods that are under processing or oily. This improves your cholesterol level and reduces the chances of heart disease. 
  • Provide hydration. As you can see above, water intake is mandatory in this diet. Which results in proper hydration in the body.


  • Muscle loss and weakness: We have observed that turkey breast is the only option as a source of protein. Protein deficiency results in muscle loss and overall weakness in the body.
  • Low carb: The presence of fruits is almost zero in this diet, which results in a lower energy level. 
  • Risk for the immune system: There are no fruits and vegetables present in this diet, which results in weakening the immune system. It may also result in various health problems. 
  • Hard to follow: For 4 days, you have to follow the same diet plan, which may create boredom for the dieter. 

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Things I should remember.

  • Never follow this diet: We provide information on this diet plan just for educational purposes. As nutritionists, we want to suggest anyone follow this diet plan.
  • Take consultation: Be it this diet or any diet, without consultation from your nutritionist, you shouldn’t follow any diet. 

How long should I take this diet?

There is no information about how long you can follow this diet.

Who should not follow the Butterfield diet?

This plan is mainly focused on weight loss, and those who are already fit or underweight should not follow this diet. This is because you might lose more weight while falling this way; that’s why it is not recommended. 

Instead of following the Butterfield diet, you can follow this diet. 

A complete healthy diet

Note: This diet plan is not approved by any organization, but it is still healthy and contains all nutrition. 

  • Breakfast:- 2 scrambled eggs with bell peppers, 1 slice of whole-grain toast with half an avocado.
  • Mid-day morning snacks: Greek yogurt with berries.
  • Lunch: Baked salmon with a green salad with toppings of cucumber, cherries, and raw mixed veggies.
  • Evening snacks: 2–3 roasted sweet potatoes. 

Note: Drink plenty of water and other liquids, like coconut water, etc., to maintain the hydration level. You can replace the salmon with other good protein sources, like beef or chicken breast. 


Who is Brian Butterfield?

An American actor, Peter Serafinowicz, played the role of Brian Butterfield, a fictional character. 

Do I need to seek consultation from a nutritionist before following any diet?

Yes, it is a safe and secure practice to take suggestions from nutritionists before making any changes to your diet.

Is the fad diet the only way for weight loss?

No, fad diets are not recommended at all, and it’s a myth that only fad diets help with weight loss. 

Final words.

The Butterfield diet is a diet in which a person relies on low-carb, protein, and calorie food options with the intent of weight loss. Recently, this diet plan gained popularity, but this is just another fad diet without any scientific evidence. 

However, as we mentioned above, a complete butterfield diet is just for educational purposes. 

Also, note that we won’t recommend you follow this diet plan, and if you want to know more, then it is better to get a consultation from your healthcare professional.

Thanks for reading.

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