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How to Get Rid of an Air Conditioner Cough? (12 Solutions)

Have you facing a cough for a long ago? This blog is specially written on a topic called “How to Get Rid of an Air Conditioner Cough” and also shares some practical tips to cure it, so let’s begin.

What is an Air-Conditioned Cough?

Air conditioner-induced cough is another name for air conditioner cough, where the year of air conditioning creates issues for the respiratory system.

Mainly, this happens in the summer.

What are the causes of the Air Conditioner Cough?

Cause 1: Dryness in the air: When you turn on the air conditioner, it removes moisture from the air and creates dryness in it. The same thing also happens in our respiratory system, which triggers coughing.

Cause 2: Presence of Air Pollutants: Due to the uncleaned air filters of the air conditioner, circulates dust, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.

If these particles are present in the air, they not only cause coughing but also foster the development of asthma.

Cause 3: Sudden cold air: When a body is exposed to sudden lower temperatures, there are chances that that person will face situations like coughing.

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What are the symptoms & how to diagnose them?

We provided how you can identify whether you had an air conditioner cough or not and how your healthcare professional can identify it.


  • Symptom 1: dry cough due to mucus
  • Symptom 2: irritation inside the throat
  • Symptom 3: the feeling of discomfort inside the chest
  • Symptom 4: difficulty in breathing
  • Symptom 5: sneezing
  • Symptom 6: watery eyes

How to Diagnose

  • Diagnose 1: Medical History: Your health care professional would ask questions like when it started, if is there any specific trigger, or if have you observed any pattern.
  • Diagnose 2: Physical Examination: If required, your health care professional should physically examine your respiratory system.
  • Diagnose 3: Symptoms occur: A frequently asked question by healthcare professionals would be, “Apart from coughing, is there any other issue you’re facing?”
  • Diagnose 4: Environment Enquiry:- if possible your health care professional would ask about your workplace.
  • Diagnose 5: Pause treatment: There are chances that your health care professional will suggest that you avoid air conditioning for a certain duration and check whether you have observed any changes or not.
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12 Ways to get rid of an air conditioner cough? (Short & Long Term Solution)

Short Term Preventive Measures (to cure cough caused by air conditioner)

How to Get Rid of an Air Conditioner Cough

1. Keep Optimum Humidity Levels: You have to maintain indoor air moisture between 30 and 50% to avoid over-dryness in the air as well as inside the respiratory system.

2. Clean and Change Air Filters regularly: When you change or clean the air filter, the circulation of pollutants and allergens decreases. Hence, this results in a reduction in irritation inside the respiratory system.

3. Maintain Proper Ventilation: opening windows or installing an exhaust fan is the best option to maintain proper ventilation when you are suffering from a cough caused by the air conditioner.

Initially, you would feel a little bit of discomfort but this fresh air would help a lot.

4. Make use of a Humidifier: Using a humidifier is one of the best options to maintain humidity and reduce the dryness caused by an air conditioner.

5. Do not cool Excessively. Setting the air conditioner temperature at a comfortable level is the best way to treat coughs caused by the air conditioner.

6. Stay Hydrated: When you expose yourself to the air conditioner, it gradually dries your respiratory system, and drinking plenty of water will soothe the respiratory system.

7. Keep the Room Clean: Every time dryness is not the only responsible factor for cough, dust, and small pollutants inside your desk and cupboard also irritates the respiratory system, and cleaning is the best option.

8. Use Natural Remedies: Natural remedies like herbal tea, steam inhalation, and saltwater gargles work well.

9. Consult a Healthcare Professional: After following All the above suggestions, if you are still facing a cough, then it’s time to seek consultation from a healthcare professional.

Maybe there are other possibilities that you may be facing a cough due to some other reason.

Long Term Preventive Measures (to cure cough caused by air conditioner)

1. Install Air PurifiersAir purifiers are a long-term solution to remove dust, pollutants, and allergens from the air.

2. Maintain regular workout discipline: removing dust from the air and increasing humidity is not an overall solution for coughs caused by air conditioners. You should also work on your respiratory system and increase immunity by following a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. Follow Effective Hygiene: Here, good hygiene means you have to wash your hands regularly and cover your nose and mouth while sneezing.

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How long does an air conditioner cough last?

It should take a few days of a week to cure the cough caused by the air conditioner.

Why do I cough when the air conditioner is on?

AC reduces humidity in the air and fosters dryness, which causes respiratory issues. Dust & pollutants also present filters also one of the reasons.

Can we sleep in AC during cough?

No, It is not recommended to sleep in AC when you’re suffering from a cough because AC would dry your respiratory system the whole night

Can AC damage your throat?

No. AC cannot damage your throat, it only reduces humidity inside the air

Can AC cause a chesty cough?

Yes, AC can cause a chesty cough.

Do AC and fan cause cough?

Yes, a Combination of AC & fan cause may foster

What cures coughs fast?

Following natural remedies helps to cure cough fast like drinking herbal tea and gargling with salt water.

Conclusion on How to get rid of an air conditioner cough

As you discussed how to get rid of an air conditioner cough, we found that it is caused by dryness in the air as well as inside the respiratory system, pollutants present in the air, and an unhealthy respiratory system.

To cure that, you have to maintain proper hygiene, use humidifiers and air purifiers, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Still, if you’re facing this issue, then taking concentration from a healthcare professional is compulsory.

Till then, stay safe, stay cool, and stay cough-free!

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